Join the Playtika Biz Dev Team in San Francisco

It’s not often that I open a role in the Playtika Biz Dev team. I am looking to hire a Director of Platform Relationships in San Francisco. If you or someone you know are the rock star I’m looking for please contact me.


Playtika is looking for an energetic, self-learning, multidisciplinary, hardworking, Director of Platform Relations to join our Business Development team in San Francisco.

The Director of Platform Relations will report directly to the SVP Business Development located in Israel.

This role will require working in a semi self-managed environment which bring with it multiple challenges.

The candidate should be the autonomous type who is able to thrive, succeed, and conquer despite such challenges. The team member will be working from a co-op office space such as WeWork.


  1. Maintaining, managing, and expanding Playtika’s relations with platforms such as Google, Apple and Facebook
  2. Developing a deep knowledge of the platforms, their stakeholders and identifying untapped platform related opportunities
  3. Educating our global teams about current and future platform related opportunities, features, trends, and regulations
  4. Educating platform stakeholders about our business strategy and needs
  5. Liaising between platform and studio stakeholders on all platform related matters


  1. Engineering or Product/Project Management related experience in the mobile or tech industry
  2. Familiarity of mobile ecosystems
  3. Familiarity with the games industry is a big plus
  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  5. Strong PowerPoint & Excel skills
  6. Fluent or native English
  7. Strong time management skills with a “get things done” approach
  8. Ability to work in a cross-departmental environment across multiple time zones
  9. Willingness to travel 4-8 times a year to Playtika’s headquarters in Israel as well as other global sites

Please submit applications here


Why Windows 10 could be a Game Changer for the Gaming Industry

I am constantly on the prowl for the next big platform here at Playtika. One of our biggest strengths is our spread across a diverse list of platforms. We are currently live on 4 mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone) and 8 web based ones including Facebook, Yahoo Games, Yahoo Mobage, Odnoklasniki and more. We have been live on Windows Phone for over a year and we are very happy on almost all fronts except the fact that its lacking scale. In terms of in-game KPI’s I can say that its one of our best performing platforms.

Although we are very happy with the results of Windows Phone, Microsoft is pretty much a non-relevant actor when it comes to the global the app economy. It missed the mobile boat a long time ago to Apple and Google and some have even predicted their inevitable global decline as a result. I believe that Microsoft’s influence on the app economy is about to change and Windows 10 is how they are going to change it.

No one really loves talking about PCs anymore, it’s all about mobile mobile mobile. Though PC growth is no where close to mobile growth, PCs are far from dead and are not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. We (those in the mobile industry) tend to forget or ignore that there are an estimated 1.8-2.0 billion PCs on the global market and that Microsoft still owns over a 90% percent of that market.



In comes Windows 10…

Windows 10 will be the first operating system that will power PCs, Tablets, and Phones as a universal OS. There has been allot of coverage about Windows 10 over the last few weeks but I’m focusing today only on the Universal App store feature of Windows 10 because I think it has the greatest potential from the gaming markets perspective.

The vision as it has been laid out by Microsoft is simple and powerful. Every PC that will install Windows 10 (which they will be giving away for free to existing users) will include a native app store right on the desktop. Since Windows owns over 90% of the global market, the potential for Microsoft to become an app distributor is immense.


Imagine being able to download a native app like Slotomania, Candy Crush, Instagram, or any other app that is on the Windows app Store. It seems trivial but the reality is that this can open up a whole new world for developers and give them direct access to ~2.0 Billion PC users that currently don’t really engage Microsoft as an “app supplier/distributor”. Just the fact that Microsoft owns the real estate on PC screens gives it a big competitive advantage that neither Google nor Apple can rival in a substantial manner.

Apple and Google have already done some of the work for Microsoft and have “educated consumers” to download apps from app stores. It seems only logical to me that it will come very naturally to users to engage an app store on the PC. The potential would multiply were Microsoft able to convince (or even mandate) that users to enter their credit card info for future in-app purchases. Of course this is a potential game changer not just for the games industry but for the downloadable software industry as a whole.

Microsoft has many challenges ahead of them to make this a reality, including convincing developers to develop apps for the Windows App Store and convincing end users to upgrade to Windows 10 – but from what I’m seeing Microsoft has its Mojo back and selling the potential of a new distribution channel on PC with a 1.8 Billion user base will be easier than doing so for Windows Phone. We will soon be downloading apps to our PC from the Windows Store and will be thinking “Why the hell didn’t they do this earlier?”

Life in the Amazon (platform)

I gave a short talk at an Amazon Developer Conference here in Tel Aviv this week. I was asked by the Amazon team to discuss Playtika’s experience on the Amazon Platform. The presentation isnt as pretty as strive for (so excuse me) but I think the content will speak for itself for anyone who is wondering how the Amazon app store performs for a large scale social gaming company like Playtika.