Block Chain 101 (a super-newbie guide)

My goal for this page is to provide block-chain newbies a resource where they can spend a couple hours getting introduced to this world without trying to navigate the endless sea of information on the web.

Where does one start on such a complex subject? Maybe ill start by saying that in no way am I an expert in the blockchain / cryptocurrency world but much like many of my previous subject-matter-addictions, I am on my way to mastering the information.

My current perspective is that the invention of this technology is undoubtedly the beginning of a fundamental paradigm shift. If the internet was the revolution of information, the blockchain is the revolution in trust and value exchange. The potential manifestations of this revolution are mind blowing and all encompassing. I have no doubt that the blockchain will make its ways to almost every form of human economic interaction. It even has the potential to reshape the nation state and the global capitalist economic structure as we know it. Time will tell.

This list is in no way fully comprehensive but should give you the basic framework with which to further research the subject. If you have suggestions for additions please do let me know. I of course will update this page every so often.

I suggest watching the videos below in the order in which they are presented.


1) How the blockchain will radically transform the economy: This is one of the first talks that got me interested in the subject. Its gives a concise and high level explanation of what the block chain is and how it can transform much of how we think about value, trust, and intermediary services.

2) How the block chain is changing money and business: Don Tapscott is an early adopter and a published author on the subject. This lecture is a bit more detailed and delves into some more real world examples of potential disruptions that are coming with the block-chain tech. He too gives a good intro for non techies to the concepts and explains how they work.

3) Introduction to Bitcoin: Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the most well know speakers and experts on the subjects of bitcoin and blockchains. He is considered by many as THE expert and has taken it upon himself to teach (some would say preach) about Bitcoin and its underlying tech. This intro below blew my mind and is undoubtedly my favorite video to date about the subject. Although the video is about bitcoin not purely just the blockchain, the two are intertwined and he gives a very good overview of the innovation brought about by the blockchain. His you tube channel is filled with lots of relevant videos. This is definitely the best into out there.

4) Ever wonder how Bitcoin and other crypto currencies work / How bitcoin works under the hood: This is a good place for us non techies and techies who are newbies to blockchain to understand how the underlying technology works. Since this technology is so ground breaking and conceptually so unique I suggest that you watch this even if youre not that interested in the technology. It will allow you to further internalize the potential.

Please leave comments below with other suggestions if you feel I need to add something to this 101 intro. Thanks!