Social Casino in Asia

Revenues in the Social Casino market come mainly from the western speaking core markets. Namely the USA, Canada, and Australia. It makes lots of sense as Slot Machines, Poker, and Bingo are all native/local games in these markets. This reality is also evident when you walk into a Casino in Macau where, although slot numbers are on the rise, most of the games are predominantly local.

Some companies have emerged as early local leaders in the Social Casino markets in Asia including Boyaa, Tencent (with their poker games), and Sammy Sega but the reality is that Social Casino in Asia is still in its infancy is one of the big growth opportunities in the Social Casino market.

Of course we have to be careful to say the “Asian Market”, there is no such thing as a homogeneous Asian market but rather a whole list of markets each with its own likes, dislikes, propensities, languages, and purchasing power.

In the lecture below, Adi Hanin, from the Business Development team at Playtika reviews the Asian Social Casino market and discusses some of the challenges for western Social Casino game developers in the Asian markets. This lecture joins the list of core lectures on the Social Casino industry in my Guide to the Social Casino Industry.

Adi has recently launched a blog of her own. Go and follow her here