The Effects of the Growing Pace of Technological Innovation

Over the past year or so, I have been spending time reading up about the effects of the growing pace of innovation on the global economy. It seems that we have passed a tipping point which in retrospect will be looked at as a pivotal time in the history of humanity (sounds big!).

The interconnectedness of everything is disrupting much of life (and business) as we know it. This disruption manifests itself in many forms including in the rise of cyber warfare, in the amazing growth and disruptions caused by the sharing economy (Think Uber, AirB&B, Kick-starter), the hyper-global communication enabled by tools like Whats app, the global democratization of content and services via smartphones, in the shear fact that no industry is unaffected by technological innovation, and in the flood of data pouring out of every human action and every business process on earth.

I have decided that I will start posting some of the content I find on the pace of global innovation and its effect on business, life, and the gaming industry. It’s a slight deviation from my core content about the gaming industry but its undoubtedly relevant for my gaming industry followers.

This is a great (short) eye-opener to some of the global disruptions taking place:


This ia a longer (1 hour) discussion with Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg about Google and what we can expect from the world, technology, and Google in the next 10 years.



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