Teradata (TDC NYSE) acquires mobile marketing automation firm @Appoxee


I am proud to share that Appoxee, a company I co-founded, has been acquired by Teradata (TDC NYSE). Appoxee  will be added to Teradatas Integrated Marketing Cloud Services with the goal of bolstering Teradatas existing marketing automation services.

Appoxee was born in 2010, relatively early in the app industry life-cycle, due to the understanding that customer retention and engagement was the true key to building a sustainable business model for app owners. We set out to build an easy to use yet powerful cloud based tool to allow app owners to personalize, analyze, and automate communication with their end users. Fast forward to today, Appoxee has become a leader in its field and has helped thousands of app owners to do just what the original vision called for.

I am proud to have been part of this team and would like to thank the amazing team at Appoxee, our loyal customers, the investors, everyone of our advisers that worked on the deal, and especially Itay Levy who captained this ship to shore. I wish you all luck at Teradata.


Some press links:  Wall Street Journal  / Techrunch


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