Playtika re-brands and integrates all studios under the Playtika name


As part of our company wide re branding, Playtika took on a Platinum sponsorship for Casual Connect San Francisco. It was awesome to see 3000 attendees walking around with Playtika branded lanyards. The re-branding was part of a growth management exercise. As we’ve grown over the years, we have acquired several additional teams which have become an integral part of our federation of studios. This includes Buffalo Studios based out of Santa Monica, The WSOP team which we acquired from Electronic Arts, and Pacific Interactive the team behind the House of Fun Slots game. We are now a truly global company with over 800 employees with offices in the USA, Canada, Israel, Argentina, Ukraine, Belarus, and Romania. We decided it was time to bring all the global studios under the Playtika brand and from now on Buffalo studios will be known as Playtika Santa Monica, the WSOP team in Montreal will be known as Playtika Montreal, etc etc (you get the gist right?).

Here is a link to the formal announcement which we released and you can see the branding on our new website which was launched this week.



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